About Us

Dudley’s Desserts is a Dairy-Free and Vegan Bakery that was started out of pure love for anything sweet. Gluten Free and other specialty desserts can be made to order.

It’s no surprise that every party or celebration always ends with a sweet treat.  Desserts are a creative outlet designed to look amazing and taste wonderful. I was always told that you eat with your eyes first; you should be drawn in by the beauty and presentation and then enjoy your dessert from the very first to the last bite.

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by my mom’s chocolate chip cake; it was the hit of every party and to this day, it is still frequently requested. Being allergic to dairy, I was unable to eat her masterpiece, so with that in mind I set out to create delisious desserts that could be eaten and enjoyed by everyone.

Eventually my desserts were gone within the hour, my cakes were requested at birthday parties and my co-workers asked for weekend leftovers. It was the start to a beautiful adventure.

After perfecting the flavor of my desserts, I continue to enhance my skills and learn new techniques through live classes, video tutorials and many hours of practice. I am a member of ICES, International Cake Exploration Societe and continue to learn and grow within the craft.

My husband is the true witness of my determination. A single weekend would include a new cookie/brownie recipe, a two or three-tiered cake fully decorated, cake pops, truffles, fantasy flowers and so much more. 

This is my dream come true and I love working with anyone interested in a beautiful creation. I want to make a dessert that is perfect for your party or celebration and when someone looks at it, they know it’s yours.

My desserts and decorations are all handmade and I pride myself on knowing that I use the finest ingredients and cater to those who are unable to eat certain ingredients due to allergies or personal preference.

I look forward to working with you!