Thank you for your interest in Dudley’s Desserts.  If you are ordering straight from our menu without any customization, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance.  For customized orders, please allow 2-3 weeks depending on intricacy of designs.

Cupcakes: If ordering flavor combinations directly from our menu without adding customizations: Jumbo Cupcakes: $30/dozen, Regular Cupcakes: $26/Dozen, Mini Cupcakes $18/Dozen 

For Customized Cupcakes: Your choice of colored frosting, flowers and designs, fondant topper or chocolate decorations. Pricing for extras will be determined upon discussion of order.   

Cakes: If ordering cake flavors and combinations from our website without customizations, 6″-$35, 8″-$45, 9″-$50, 12″-$75, 1/4 sheet cake-$75, 1/2 sheet cake-$95

*All orders will be charged a 6% sales tax*

For Customized Cakes: Your choice of flavor combinations, carved cakes, themes, special designs and decorations, flavored buttercream, or fondant covered cakes, fondant figures and flowers. Pricing for extras will be determined upon discussion of order. All cake orders will start at our standard pricing.

Customized Sugar Cookies: Your choice of shapes, themes and designs, topped with icing or fondant.  Pricing starts at $30/dozen

Cake Serving Chart

6” (serves 8)
8″ (serves 10-12)
9” (serves 12-15)

12” (serves 25-30)

¼ sheet cake (serves 18-24)
½ sheet cake (serves 30)
Full Sheet Cake (serves 70-80)

Cookies and Sweets: Standard Pricing for baked goods. 
$25/ per 1 Dozen- Brownies, Cookies, Cookie Bars, Donuts, Classic Whoopie pies
$36/ per 2 Dozen Cake Pops/Cake Balls and Bon Bons (*2 dozen minimum)
$25 Specialty Items (Fudge, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Scones)

Lets discuss presentation of baked goods, special boxes or stands or the use of bags, or stands for cake pops.

We require a 50% deposit upon making your selections and the rest is due 3 week prior to your event

As with all baked products, our desserts are best when eaten the day of purchase. If you are serving the day of delivery/pick up, we recommend storing desserts at room temperature, unless otherwise instructed. Our desserts can be frozen for up to three days. Remove them from the freezer 3 – 6 hours before serving to allow them to return to room temperature.

To place an order please contact us:
Phone: 443-366-5006