Sweet Messages


I have to send out a warm kudos to Dudley's Desserts. I special ordered two dozen cookies for a relative with wheat gluten, egg, dairy, and almond allergies. The peanut butter cookies were AMAZING!!! Better than regular ones. This is a real winner recipe. Highly recommended. -Angela Render

Abby is a genius in the kitchen. I don't know how she does it, but she makes vegan and gluten free desserts and some how manages to make them taste so good, no one ever knows the dietary restrictions on them! I have ordered desserts for family members who are both vegan and gluten free. They loved them. Her banana walnut cake was a big hit during Christmas, I think I only was able to get one piece. Thank you Dudleys Desserts for bringing vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options to the DC area that taste delicious! I will order from you again! -Artistic Imagez

Thank you Dudley's desserts for creating amazing looking and tasting desserts. Everyone loved them!  Your desserts were perfect for our Thanksiving and Christmas party and I am so excited about the baby shower!

I could go on forever about the deliciousness that is Dudley’s Desserts. Their cakes are beautiful with attention to detail. They also do everything from cookies to crumb cake to whoopie pies! Cakes…dessert bars…or both, perfect for any wedding or event! Owner, Abby, is as sweet as her desserts, extremely innovative and always thinking outside the box. Their professionalism is second to none and their desserts will provide eye candy while making mouths water. I highly recommend Dudley’s Desserts not only for vegan and/or gluten-free cakes & desserts, but for anyone looking for deliciousness at their wedding or event. I can honestly say these are the best desserts I have ever tasted! -Elle Ellinghaus Designs


So, I just had to say that I love Abby and Dudley's Desserts. Not only are her vegan and dairy-free desserts AMAZING (seriously, vegan and dairy-free had be skeptical at first) but they look fantastic. Abby is so nice and great to work with and she definitely has a passion for what she does. I would recommend her in a heartbeat (and I do when I can).-Ryan Deal

Abby Cobb is simply amazing. Her desserts are 100% dairy free, yet you can't even tell because they're just so delicious! In addition to being a peer in the wedding industry, we've personally ordered treats from her and they turned out to be absolutely incredible. Also, she has such a love and passion for cooking - which we just love that about her. :)- Serena Severtson

Dudley's Desserts was wonderful to work with! We were introduced to Abby, the owner from a friend. She raved about their awesome desserts so we set up a tasting a few months before and tasted a few cake flavors plus other desserts. We designed our three tiered cake plus we chose three other options for our dessert table. The peanut butter bars and cinnamon and sugar donuts were out of this world. Everyone loved our salted caramel and red velvet cake. I would use Dudley's desserts again and again!

Best carrot cake ever!

Dudleys Desserts did a great job making a cake, cupcakes, cookies and cake pop favors for 27 women for a baby shower. The cake pops were adorable babies which everyone loved. The cake and cupcakes were decorated to match the jungle theme and that of a baby boy. 

Delicious Brownies, Moist and Fresh. I will order again.  Great Service.

Dudley's Desserts are amazing. When I first met Abby and she told me about her desserts I was not sure if I would like them, and she said just try one, I did and I was blown away!!!!!!!!!!! Dudley's Desserts are amazing, you would never know they were vegan or dairy free. The peanut butter bars are to die for, the cinnamon donuts are so tasty, all of the cupcake flavors I have tried taste so good, you must try for yourself!!!! 

Cupcakes were delicious.  Moist just like they should be.  The frosting was awesome too!